DockPlan - drydocking software

DockPlan is a powerful and full-featured dry-docking software solution, that is available as an off-the-shelf solution.

We are very pleased by the fact that a large number of shipping companies in Denmark, Norway, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong - among those some of the largest in the world, has chosen DockPlan as drydocking solution for their vessels.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of DockPlan, a full working 60-day trail version is available for download.

​Customer specific software

Key Computer primarily develops customer specific software according to specification. Following is a brief description of some of the customized software solutions that Key Computer has developed over the last 20 ​​years. You are always welcome to contact us if you want to hear if we can develop a solution exactly to your requirements - perhaps we have already developed something similar...

Planned Maintenance

A basic PMS system that allows registration of machinery components, and assigning work orders to these components. Workorders can be made recurring either based on fixed periodic intervals or based on actual running hours. Work orders are completed and reported in the system, thus creating a full service history for each component.​

Surveys and Inspections

Handles various types of surveys from assessments, conditions surveys and damage surveys. Based on built in information about the vessel to survey, and the type of survey to be performed, the system automatically produces a complete survey with all required and relevant items to check. Performed surveys are reported back into the system, and the vessel’s overall score is calculated. Average scores across owners, vessel types and even specific machinery can be retrieved.

The system contains guidelines to the surveyor on each item to check, and allows for comprehensive reporting on each check item. Also photos can be attached to each check item.​

Lube oil bunkering tool

Customer specific application for optimizing the purchase of lube oil in ports around the world. Based on information from other systems about vessels trading area, schedule, reported lube oil consumption and bunkers purchasing agreements, the application calculates the optimal location for bunkering lube oil as well as the optimal quantity to bunker.​

Onboard purchasing and stock

Requisitioning system for vessel’s spare parts, stores, bunkers etc. built around a standard goods catalogue (customer defined cataloque of articles), meaning that all goods ordered are well defined for all parties involved in ordering, purchase and delivery.

The system also provides onboard storage registration with user defined structure of storage locations on the vessels. A specific part can be located throughout all storage locations onboard, and parts can be set for manual or automatic re-ordering.​

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

A reporting tool developed according to specific customer requirements. Acts as a client for a centralized third party system ashore, where analysis are carried out and reports generated.​

Offservice and Casualty

Registers damages, casualties and other offservice on vessels. Incidents are registered with description, cause, extend and costs and time consumption. Based on this information analysis and statistics is provided for specific vessels or vessel types or for specific machinery throughout the fleet.​

Vessel budgeting

"Budgeting" is developed for a very large shipping company. The system handles budgeting for all vessel types, and supports automated budgeting on a number of accounts, based on adjustable parameters like standard consumption, number and type of machinery, trading area, type of trade, crew composition and shifting. Also supports forecasts on expenses based on modifications, change in trading area etc.​

Guarantee Management for newbuildings

Registers and reports guarantee matters on newbuildings. The system prompts for all required information, and sends the matters as claims to relevant parties. Also handles follow up on guarantee matters.​

Project and Human Ressource Management

Keeps track of multiple projects like ongoing and scheduled newbuildning of vessels. Manages superintendents, skills, qualifications and assignments. Registers working hours and various costs like transport, hotel. Keeps track of personnel information like passport, visa, next of kin, vaccinations etc.

​Provides full overview of projects and assignments in Gantt-view.​