DockPlan is a powerful and full-featured dry-docking software solution, that is available as an off-the-shelf solution.

A large number of shipping companies in Denmark, Norway, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong - among those some of the largest in the world, has chosen DockPlan as drydocking software.

Originally DockPlan was developed on request from A.P. Moller Maersk in year 2000. Over the years DockPlan has evolved with significant new features and functionality thanks to valuable input from the growing number of customers.

DockPlan handles all aspects of a dry-docking including work orders, quotations, reporting, yard evaluation etc. and the system runs both online and offline, depending on network availability, without any loss of data or functionality.

DockPlan is developed with dry-docking in mind, but with the flexibility to equally well assist the superintendent in any kind of large technical projects like constructions, modifications, conversions and major overhauls which involves a number of work orders, pricing, planning, sub-contractors, reporting and requires technical and financial overview.

DockPlan keeps track of work specifications, costs, work progress, spare parts, assigned personnel and more, and will prove as a valuable and efficient tool for both managers, superintendents and the vessels crew.​

Key features of DockPlan:

  • Composes a structured dry-dock specification
  • Easy reuse of previously specified work orders, by means of the built in Job Library.
  • General Conditions, Paint Specifications and standard work orders, applicable to the vessel being dry-docked, are automatically inserted on new dry-dock specifications.
  • Photos, drawings, test sheets, certificates, service letters and other documents and files can be attached to each work order, and be printed as part of the dry-dock specification and dry-dock Report.
  • Manages spare parts and consumables for each job, and specifies yard’s and Owner’s supply for a number of standard deliverables.
  • Registers attending personnel and representatives, including associated costs like daily rate, travel expenses, hotel accommodation, living expenses etc.
  • Manages and compares quotations from yards and sub-contractors.
  • Budgets, costs and financial overviews, linked to your actual chart of accounts.
  • Graphical Timeline for job scheduling during dry-docking.
    Signoff and reporting for each performed task.
  • Including registration of performance test, work approval, Class survey, responsible person etc.
  • Full drydock reporting
  • Progress-, summary- and management reports.
  • Complete vessel database full registration of details and particulars.
  • Registration of yards with contact information, capacities, facilities and services.
  • Full evaluation and rating of the ship yard upon completion of the dry-docking.

DockPlan maintains a full history of all drydockings performed in the system, including specifications, attached documents, quotations, costs, work performed etc.

We will be happy to provide additional information and answer any questions you may have.

DockPlan is available as a full working 60-day trial version for evaluation purposes. After the 60 days DockPlan requires a license key to continue working.​​

Download DockPlan

​PDF DockPlan presentation

​PDF DockPlan presentation